Are We Setting Our Relationships Up To Fail?

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In life, they say there are the type of people who look at the glass half-full and those who see it as half-empty. But lately, I’ve come to believe that we are divided between those who look to see how much our potential OKCupid interests are matches and those who go right for the enemy section. I used to think that it was out of a morbid fascination with the site’s seemingly arbitrary rating system, a NASA supercomputer deciding how sex-able you are, but I’ve come to see it as a mindset, continually watching out for failure.

Before Enron collapsed in 2001, they said it was “too big to fail,” a company responsible for so many employees jobs and stockholders’ financial fortunes. Imagine your dating life is like Enron, each prior relationship a different room and unrequited crush an office worker toiling away at their desk, minding their own business…

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Beyond where babies come from: Talks for asking tough questions about sex

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[ted_talkteaser id=1761]Today’s talk, which posits a fascinating metaphor for sex beyond baseball, comes from a passionate and dedicated sexuality educator. Al Vernacchio teaches his students that it’s not just getting the facts right that counts, but understanding the nuances of human sexuality and its place in society. Inspired by the teaching philosophy that Vernacchio brings to the classroom, we’ve collected TED Talks that address some of our most challenging questions about sex.

How should we teach the complexities of sex?

When young children (or even not-so-young children) ask about sex, many adults draw a blank. How do you explain something so sensitive to a still-developing mind? But approaching this delicate discussion with openness is critical to building healthy channels of communication. Here are two talks that will encourage you to take a deep breath, face the facts of life, and overcome your awkwardness.

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Julia Sweeney has “The…

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